Thursday, June 25, 2009

Relaxation Tip #32: Aromatherapy Shower

We are generally used to the concept of a candlelit bath suffuse with many intoxicating aromas, but not so many have ever tried a candlelit shower. This, however, is my favourite way to relax and definitely a plus for those who don't relish the idea of stewing in their own juices for an hour. What's more, a steamy shower with both the light and the fan off also acts as a sauna, and if you have a massaging shower head you can actually relieve a neck cramp rather than getting one.
Of course this is a tactic which only works in an apartment where burning candles is allowed, and is thus not appropriate for everyone. What's more, it works best in a very small bathroom, especially one where there is some sort of table (the top of a toilet works wonders) beside the shower on which to set your candle(s).
Though some people cannot handle heavy scents, aromatherapy can do wonders and so I like to choose scented candles: chamomile, lavender, and green tea are my favourite scents. The soothing fragrances, combined with the warm, sauna-like experience of the shower and the gentle glow of the candle all work together to create a beautiful and calm atmosphere. Moreover, the sound of the shower water can be very soothing and can act as a sound barrier which, for those living in noisy areas, is a real relief sometimes. A bath is certainly quiet, but doesn't filter out the outside world.

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