Sunday, April 19, 2009

Facebook: Too Awkward for Words

Every so often I run across someone airing some very dirty laundry on Facebook. As a writer, I feel that it's my duty to observe and report, though at times like this it seems rather villainous. I sometimes wonder if I'll get in trouble for reposting this, but I feel as if you're already writing to an audience of over seven hundred people, you probably won't mind a few more, especially given that this is indeed a rarely viewed blog.

I'm not sure when we became the generation that privacy forgot. I remember the days when it was indecent to drag this sort of thing out into the light, but here it is for everyone to see.

God have mercy on our souls.

A.T: I might've saved a little trouble for the next girl, cause the next time that he cheats, you know it won't be on me.

A.J. at 6:04pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
A. im so fucking stupid im sorry:(
A.T. at 6:09pm April 19
hahah you make me laugh.
N.L. at 6:12pm April 19
are you alright, a.? :(
A.J. at 6:13pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
I understand i just want u to know that i really like u im not fucking around but i no obviously ur not gonna take me back i just wanted to tell u:(
A.T. at 6:16pm April 19
your fucking rite i'm not.. go ahead and fuck her again if you really liked me you wouldn't of fucked her
A.J at 6:19pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
Im so sorry april:( i dont fucking want her fuck april i only ever want u i was drunk.. But the only thing i can say is im soorry i fucked up bad and i feel like shit i fucked up the best thing going in my life right now
A.T. at 6:23pm April 19
clearly you did want her and again i coudl fucking care less if you were drunk or not you still knew what you were doing. i don't care what you have to say you are a fucking asshole and yea you did fuck it up there nothing you can say to me i don't want anything to do with you what so ever.
B.M. at 6:23pm April 19
ya i agree with you a. i don't even know you and you hurt my friend pretty bad. you should feel like shit and you should be sayin sorry but you should also know she is worth alot more then what you did to her. remember that for next time.
A.J. at 6:29pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
I agree im stupid i dont deserve a. at all shes such an amazing and wonderful girl and i fucked it up.. April i understand that u never wanna c me again i just wanna say im sorry and im a stupid fuckin asshole and i deserve nothing less from u i hope u end up with a guy that will treat u the way u should be treatd cuz i just want u to be happy