Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm going to try to make the world hate me slightly less by liveblogging my evening in Butler.

This way, you see, as I cruise the internet and listen to awesome music and generally don't write so many things about sociolinguistics, culture and their relationship to revolution in Africa, I don't make all my facebook friends want to kill me by confining my thoughts to one tiny, ignorable blog post.

Let us proceed, then, you and I.

(After all, the damn thing is stretching out against the sky)

6:16 pm
Have arrived at Butler way too late, as a trip to Pinnacle gave me the opportunity to see my dear friend Claudia, who reminded me of the Potter Puppet Pals and The Mysterious Ticking Noise.

Yes, there was public singing.

7:26 pm
Have spent most of the last hour having rather intense conversations with my good friends. The guy in front of me with the super awkward half mushroom haircut spent it sleeping. Do you think people will judge me if I eat an apple in Butler 303?

8:18 pm
This guy does a dope remix of Paper Planes.

Did I just say dope?

8:41 pm
Leaving 303 for a production meeting, I accidentally turn my music on in the middle of the room and instead of turning off my computer, just yell at it to be quiet. I am now in the lounge. I cannot ever return.

9:34 pm
I never realized that The Flaming Lips shared my life philosophy.

One, two, three, four -
Do You Realize - that you have the most beautiful face
Do You Realize - we're floating in space -
Do You Realize - that happiness makes you cry
Do You Realize - that everyone you know someday will die

And instead of saying all of your goodbyes - let them know
You realize that life goes fast
It's hard to make the good things last
You realize the sun don't go down
It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round

That is so awesome.
I wonder if I got it from them subliminally.

9:45 pm

Wicked Song:

11:09 pm
Have written two pages. Spent the last ten minutes lost in thought about non-Africa related things, staring at the floor.

I will now compose a poem.
A shitty one.

En hiver vous enivrez
(that sounds so pretty en français)
Mais moi, I stay inside all day
And think of things I want to say
A lui qui m'a confusé.

Man, even my poems are in Fringlish.


11:39 pm

Have moved from feeling rather blue to feeling quite happy, though sleepy.

à la bird and the bee

Dearest one, I had a dream
I mouthed the words,
The sound came out,
I spoke to you in Japanese
Oh, my love I cannot see, I heard your name
I know at once there was no place I’d rather be
All at once there was no place that I would rather b

if i could speak japanese, that would be me to a t

somehow i just became cummings i hope it does not reflect in my paper

11:55 pm

It's gone. So is my focus. Sometimes when you are stuck (in fact, all the time, for me) it means you need to wake your ass up at five am and do it then. Mostly because it's taken you an hour to write three sentences, and six to write two pages.

Maybe if I wasn't such a narcissistic asshole who thought the world needed to know the contents of my brain then I would actually get shit done.

Of course, the internets have long proven that we are all narcissistic assholes.

I just said internets. I need to go home now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Now Pronounce You...

Catherine had a strong fascination with her bridal bouquet and spent most of the ceremony destroying it.

Officially man and wife!

Zack and I after the ceremony. What a sweetheart!
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More of the Procession

Although this wasn't Dad's first wedding, I think he was the most excited person there!

Here he is against the lovely backdrop of the lake.

Here comes Denise Antle, the Maid of Honour and my new Aunt. She was so happy to see her sister finally settle down!

And last but most certainly not least, the blushing bride Nadine, and her daddy Wayne. Isn't she pretty?

Maria was so happy that she'd successfully made it down the aisle that she went around high fiving people!
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Coming Down the Aisle

My Dad got married this weekend!

Doesn't he look handsome coming down the aisle?
Zack got some great pictures!

The boys wait for the ladies to arrive. I think dad is the only one comfortable in his suit.
(From Left: Mark Lamontagne, Rick Stuckless, Paul Zammit, and Nicholas Burgers-Lamontagne)

The junior bridemaids (Charlotte and Maria) proceed down the aisle. Little Maria is very excited!

Juliana and Catherine round out the junior bridesmaid section.
More wedding pictures to come!
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Monday, August 17, 2009


It was Carnavale in the city. Check out the tricked out cycles.

The costumes were fantastic!

I liked the one in pink.
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Cycles in the City

There are some pretty cool cycles in New York.

The turquoise one is my favourite!
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Pictures of Tourists

One of my favourite hobbies is to take pictures of tourists.

Most of the time they look a little lost.

Some of them look up at the buildings.

Some of them look kind of nervous.

And sometimes they look at each other.
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Warning: Contains Adorable Content

Yesterday I was lucky enough to snap a picture of this little guy.

Not only is he adorable, but clearly very dignified.
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Did they just break up?

Sitting in Washington Square Park yesterday, I came across a lovely, happy couple. At least, I thought I did. Watch the man's expression as the two chat - notice how he goes from happy to angry and hurt? I think we just saw them break up!

See how much happier than her he looks in the first two pictures. Perhaps she knows something that he doesn't.

She's touching her hair, pulling herself away from him. Clearly, she's uncomfortable.

She's gone in for the kill. Look how deflated he looks - and he's dropped her hand! How sad to see a relationship go that way.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Health Care Reform in the United States

As a Canadian citizen, I'm a big fan of universal health care. I've been to hospitals all over the country - in both cities and towns - and I've also received medical treatment in New York. For the most part I've found Canadian hospitals to be cleaner, faster, and friendlier than hospitals in the States, even though they're run by the state. Of course, one could say that's simply subjective, but when it comes to public service, public opinion is everything.

That said, not everyone is happy with Northern health care. Many Canadians are upset about the lengthy wait times in hospitals, shortage of doctors, and waiting lists for surgeries that come with socialized medicine. Though I have not personally encountered any of these problems, they do exist and have pursuaded some Canadians that universal health care isn't worth the trouble. However, for the most part, Canadians are more satisfied with their health care, even though wait times may be longer. A survey done by the New England Journal of Medicine on wait times for orthopedic surgery has shown that while the average wait time for initial consultation was two weeks for Americans and four weeks for Canadians, more Canadians seemed happy with their wait times than Americans. They also found that wait times for surgeries were not nearly as long as some might have expected. You can read more about that here.

While Canadians won't deny that the biggest problems with our health care are the chronic wait times, universal medicine is still considered one of the greatest things to ever to happen to Canada. It is generally the case that the only people to dispute this fact are only the ones who can afford otherwise. As a country, however, it seems like universal health care is the best fiscal decision. Even though Canada's universal health care is often declaimed by American conservatives as a drain on our finances, a recent article in the NYTimes Econimix blog says otherwise. While Americans currently paying 16% of their GDP on health care, Canadians are only paying about 10%, and our life expectancy continues to be higher. Most Canadians who are dissatisfied with their health care, although constituting a minority, seem to agree that a two tier system is best, guaranteeing health care for all while giving an option for extra, private benefits that may lead to quicker access for those who are willing to pay for it. This seems to be exactly what the Obama-Biden plan is proposing.

According to the plan, "The Obama-Biden plan both builds on and improves our current insurance system, which most Americans continue to rely upon, and leaves Medicare intact for older and disabled Americans." In addition, the Government plans to guarantee eligibility for those with pre-existing conditions, who would be otherwise unable to purchase health insurance, to create a National Health Insurance Exchange to help Americans purchase private health insurance or enroll in the new public plan. The plan will also work to end the monopoly on insurance and drug companies and allow for more competition in these fields. You can read more about that here.

Now, I understand the tendency of the American people to be wary of government involvement in health care. The federal government doesn't have a great track record with social programming. Since it decided to become involved in the education system, the quality of America's public education has drastically declined. In 2002 Congressman Dr. Ron Paul wrote that, “Fifty years ago, before the federal government became involved in public education, American grammar and high schools were the best in the world. […] The stark contrast between our public schools then and now shows that federal control of education has failed.” The "bureaucratic black hole" which Dr. Paul claims is the federal government's involvement in education is quite possibly the same one which a government-run health care reform system would fall into. However, the Obama-Biden plan has an interesting escape hatch for states unhappy with the new system. According to the plan, "states can continue to experiment, provided they meet the minimum standards of the national plan." Rather than closing the door to individual state-run health care, the federal government plans to encourage the states to experiment and improve upon the federal plan, provided they meet the basic federal expectations.

One must also note that the proposed federal plan advocates publicly funded access to health care, rather than publicly run health care. The government cannot and will not deny anyone health care, nor deny them access to private services of any sort. The plan promises only to subsidize and make readily available access to health care that does not currently exist, providing not the health care itself, but rather the means to receive it. When republicans like Sarah Palin claim that the plan waves itself in the face of human dignity and is a danger to the lives of innocent children, they demonstrate a dire misunderstanding of the plan, especially the portion which requires all children to have health care coverage.

To speak about basic human dignity and then to deny even the possibility of universal health care is absolutely ridiculous. Ms.Palin claims that "government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost." This seems rather unlikely, given that the government already spends approximately 16% percent of the annual GDP on health care, and these massive reforms are only estimated to cost around $120 billion of America's $48,000 per capita GDP, or 0.8%. Moreover, the disease prevention programs included in the plan are likely to reduce health care costs over the next few years. Not a huge increase, given the positive consequences.

All of this considered, I for one am a strong advocate for the Obama-Biden plan, as long as measures are in place to ensure that it doesn't become the bureaucratic black hole that the education system has. Since it seems that they are, I am simply happy that all of my American friends will finally be able to enjoy living without the financial stress of getting sick. I believe that by allowing private companies the same place in health care they always have while providing a public alternate and by promoting competition to improve the quality of medicine, the Obama-Biden plan will improve health care for everyone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Chronicle of the Spaghetti Rapist

Back story: I met this fellow at a Renaissance Fair. Now, he seemed fairly nice and fairly normal, and we made plans for a date. Well, my rehearsal ran long and, because I was feeling a little dangerous that week, I made plans for a date at his apartment in the wee hours of the morning where he would cook me spaghetti (a cream sauce by hand). He assured me that there were people staying over from france and that he had some extra rooms, so it seemed legitimate enough to deal with and, lo and behold, it was.

Well, the date went well, the spaghetti was great, and we were chilling in his room. Now, I've dated gamers before, so I ignored the everquest posters and all other indices of social ineptitude.


We're hanging out, and he asks me if I'm seeing anyone. Always the honest one, I tell him the truth. "Yeah, a couple of people," I tell him. S.R. freaks out. "Oh, I can't take this shit anymore. I mean, I'm not looking for marriage... *grumble grumble*" I awkwardly evade the subject, and sooner or later things are back on track. THEN he pulls out the Warhammer RPG for computer and shows me the war boar he rides (who knew there was such a thing)... Aaaaaand I procede to bed (in the other room).

Now, I'm not hating on gamers. But KEEP THAT SHIT HIDDEN. Or, if you're proud about it, just understand that inside, deep down, I am losing my shit laughing at you.

So, off to bed. Enter Spaghetti Rapist, who asks me if I have everything. He then proposes that we sleep in the same bed together (no sex or anything, he assures me, it's just been a while since he'd had the chance). Well, the spaghetti was good, even despite the warhammer the date had gone well and the fella was cute so I agreed. I'm not exactly naive, but I figure the boy could use some makeouts before bed, and then I could go to sleep. I go to brush my teeth, come back and find him changing in the dark. Bad sign. The following conversation ensues:

Him: Don't Look at me!
Me: Wha... What?
Him: Stay there. Don't look at me!
Me: Oh, fuck. Goddammit. I knew this was a bad idea. This guy is going to eat my skin. Thankfully there are people that are not his close friends in the other room so if I do scream, they will come a runnin'. Okay?
Him: Just get into the bed!
Me: Oh, fuck.

So, we get into bed and he starts spooning up on me, and then takes a big sniff of me and goes "Mmm... you smell delcious." What. The. Fuck. I'm lying there shaking a) because he's going to eat my skin and b) because I am paralyzed with laughter at how absolutely ridiculous this situation is. I am being spoon raped. And smelled. Never a stranger thing has happened.

So, I give him the ol' "Right, so I'm pretty tired," desperately escape a kiss and then finally make it clear that the line between makeouts and no makeouts was crossed (really, it was crossed the moment he screamed "Don't look at me!"

So THEN, realizing he is getting none of this he gets all pouty and the following occurs:
Him: Why do you find me attractive?
Me: Oh, Goddammit I dunno. Because you're cute?
Him: Is that all?
Me: Well, you're nice?
Him: Nice enough to get me into bed with you?
Me: Well, you did make me dinner.
Him: And that lets me sleep in the same bed?
Me: Apparently.


Him: Why would you have sex with me so fast?
Me: Oh, fuck. I wouldn't have.
Him: But you made it seem like...
Me: Well, you said you didn't want any.
Him: So if I had asked you if you wanted to, you'd have said no?
Me: ... Right.
Him: (Rolls over in a huff) I HATE women.

I am now terrified. This is mad creepy. I mean, there's awkward, and then there's this. I just don't even know how to react, especially when I few minutes later he leans back, gently touches my leg (as I am shaking in fear and hilarity and desperately feigning sleep) and goes "Oh good, you exist." He then goes back to sleep. WHAT THE FUCK? I finally kicked him out, and then spent two hours lying with one eye open.

Bright and early he walks me to the subway station, passive agressively complaining that no one will touch him and that everyone changes around him. Right. I avoid the topic, and when we hit the subway I assume that this is it for good.

Then I get the messages.

heya babe,
Sorry about the other night, i just wanted to get to know you better. You're a really interesting person and i want to hear more about you, including both the Canadian woods and the runaway barnyard characters that populate them..
The fact is i just don't come across chicas like you very often and i would love to see you again. Perhaps in a more nuetral setting? A museum like the Met or MOMA or perhaps central park, its lovely with the changing of the leaves.


Is he insinuating that the fiasco occured because he wasn't into it? Let's find out.

Hi Karl,

I had a great time the other night, but I just wasn't feeling the chemistry. It also seems that you're looking for something more serious than I am, and you mentioned several times that you were rather disturbed by the fact that I am by no means monogamous. so I don't think we should see each other again.

Well, this is true, the chemistry is lacking and this is something ive found a problem with myself lately. A lack of chemistry with everyone, perhaps why im looking for something a bit different. Yes, i was a bit turned off by your polygamous lifestyle, but thats only because im struggling with the same thing myself. I saw in you what i dislike in myself.

Im a bit of a nutter and i just came back from a massive euro experience involving more then a few bottles of wine or shiny cans of beer. ive screwed and whored to a degree probably unparalleled to most people my age and im sure we could swap some good stories.

Im sorry you feel that way. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said exasperatedly to me, well, what did you expect? Thats when i took a moment to think and sent you the letter.

Again, im not looking for mariage, and im not apart from doing you in a parking lot surrounded by a circle of cheering onlookers, but im testing the waters of something i havent yet experienced, a comfortable monogamous experience. Soemthing i envy you for having had, the warm feeling of someone familiar next to you as you wake up each morning.

Um, what? Cheering onlookers? WHO ON EARTH would be into that? And how does "I'm seeing a couple of people" turn into whoring? I decide not to respond.

Listen, ill send you a message when my libido returns. We'll see how polygamous you really are, call your friends, guys or girls. :)

Um... no? I again do not respond.

Cmon, stop being so conservative, now you got my blood boiling, my heart racing. Gimme another shot. This time no well-planned dinner, no well planned anything.. Just whatever, the normal stuff i do. Bars, drinking, live music, a club or something. One of my new tenants works the bottle service at webster hall, we could go check it out on a banging night.

You gotta understand, im a fool and terribly abusive, i always try to probe out weak spots and poke them till they bleed. I'm game for fun, lets have some fun. no thinking allowed.

Terribly abusive, eh? That's a real way to win a woman. Wow. I should not have mentioned dating gamers in the past. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just going through some rather tough times. I myself have a past filled with awkward messages. Finally I respond.

Hi Karl,

I thought I was being clear when I said that I really wasn't interested in the same thing you are. It seems that you might have misinterpreted me, so I apologize for that. I'm not looking for anything right now, and I think you may have misunderstood my character. I'm firm in my decision, so I would appreciate it if you would stop sending these messages or I think we should cease all communication whatsoever.
Well, apparently I still wasn't being all that clear. Even defriending him didn't help.


Hey chica!

My libido has returned with a vengeance, and the blood sings in my veins. If you want to grab a beer in billyburg one night i'm more than game. On a slightly different note, I'm also going to be modeling for the art students league, so i could use someone to practice sitting for. Either or, life is good. Bring your paints, i have paper.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Relaxation Tip #32: Aromatherapy Shower

We are generally used to the concept of a candlelit bath suffuse with many intoxicating aromas, but not so many have ever tried a candlelit shower. This, however, is my favourite way to relax and definitely a plus for those who don't relish the idea of stewing in their own juices for an hour. What's more, a steamy shower with both the light and the fan off also acts as a sauna, and if you have a massaging shower head you can actually relieve a neck cramp rather than getting one.
Of course this is a tactic which only works in an apartment where burning candles is allowed, and is thus not appropriate for everyone. What's more, it works best in a very small bathroom, especially one where there is some sort of table (the top of a toilet works wonders) beside the shower on which to set your candle(s).
Though some people cannot handle heavy scents, aromatherapy can do wonders and so I like to choose scented candles: chamomile, lavender, and green tea are my favourite scents. The soothing fragrances, combined with the warm, sauna-like experience of the shower and the gentle glow of the candle all work together to create a beautiful and calm atmosphere. Moreover, the sound of the shower water can be very soothing and can act as a sound barrier which, for those living in noisy areas, is a real relief sometimes. A bath is certainly quiet, but doesn't filter out the outside world.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer in the City

I'm working at the Columbia Visitor's Center right now, which is at times frustrating but often rather rewarding, especially when I get the starry eyed little young'uns who, though my encouragement, decide that they would like to go to Columbia. I love that. Some of them are little jerks, of course, and I have concluded that I hate eighth graders. They like to ask questions like "Yo, why are the bill-dangs durrty?" and "Yo, who dat guy who gave all that money to the school?"

But of course when they get excited about college, and about sports and learning and reading and all sorts of things they're completely worth it. What's more, all is forgiven when they laugh at my jokes. Really, it's mostly about laughing at the jokes. That's the real way to earn your tour guide's love.

I've recently signed on to be a writer for C-Spot, which is the naughty magazine on campus. The issue will be out at the end of the month and I'm quite excited. I will certainly update you when that happens, and I might even tell you my secret pen name.

I've also been heading out on the town recently with my dear friends who are all writers for Inside New York, which means that I get to check out some awesome venues at discount prices. Restauranteurs are so eager to show us a good time that they will not only comp both food and drink at times but also treat us with the utmost respect, a luxury not often granted to people my age. The other night we went to Nectar Wine Bar which advertizes itself as "the best thing to come out of Harlem's gentrification." Whether or not you agree with the idea of gentrification, this was certainly a great venue which offers three dollar wine samplers which are by no means scanty and give the patron the opportunity to sample several delicious wines. We were fortunate enough to taste a Prinz Von Hessen 2005 Reisling which was absolutely fantastic, among others, like a Trevor Jones Grenache from 2006 which was just lovely. They also served us their fabulous sangria, on special, which tasted like a little bit of heaven. They also featured some lovely meats and cheeses and for dessert some Jaques Torres chocolate which was absolutely to die for.

In my time off from Hamlet, which I am stage managing, I've also recently visited Galapagos in Brooklyn, which was lovely, and 675 in Chelsea Market which was one of the first venues I've visited to feature board and party games in cosy little rooms as well as a large, traditional bar-type setting, making it a great atmosphere for both large groups of friends and action-seeking singles alike.

Summer in the city is shaping up quite nicely.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Facebook: Too Awkward for Words

Every so often I run across someone airing some very dirty laundry on Facebook. As a writer, I feel that it's my duty to observe and report, though at times like this it seems rather villainous. I sometimes wonder if I'll get in trouble for reposting this, but I feel as if you're already writing to an audience of over seven hundred people, you probably won't mind a few more, especially given that this is indeed a rarely viewed blog.

I'm not sure when we became the generation that privacy forgot. I remember the days when it was indecent to drag this sort of thing out into the light, but here it is for everyone to see.

God have mercy on our souls.

A.T: I might've saved a little trouble for the next girl, cause the next time that he cheats, you know it won't be on me.

A.J. at 6:04pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
A. im so fucking stupid im sorry:(
A.T. at 6:09pm April 19
hahah you make me laugh.
N.L. at 6:12pm April 19
are you alright, a.? :(
A.J. at 6:13pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
I understand i just want u to know that i really like u im not fucking around but i no obviously ur not gonna take me back i just wanted to tell u:(
A.T. at 6:16pm April 19
your fucking rite i'm not.. go ahead and fuck her again if you really liked me you wouldn't of fucked her
A.J at 6:19pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
Im so sorry april:( i dont fucking want her fuck april i only ever want u i was drunk.. But the only thing i can say is im soorry i fucked up bad and i feel like shit i fucked up the best thing going in my life right now
A.T. at 6:23pm April 19
clearly you did want her and again i coudl fucking care less if you were drunk or not you still knew what you were doing. i don't care what you have to say you are a fucking asshole and yea you did fuck it up there nothing you can say to me i don't want anything to do with you what so ever.
B.M. at 6:23pm April 19
ya i agree with you a. i don't even know you and you hurt my friend pretty bad. you should feel like shit and you should be sayin sorry but you should also know she is worth alot more then what you did to her. remember that for next time.
A.J. at 6:29pm April 19 via Facebook Mobile
I agree im stupid i dont deserve a. at all shes such an amazing and wonderful girl and i fucked it up.. April i understand that u never wanna c me again i just wanna say im sorry and im a stupid fuckin asshole and i deserve nothing less from u i hope u end up with a guy that will treat u the way u should be treatd cuz i just want u to be happy

Sunday, February 22, 2009


A new blog post?

Well, of course.

Why not? No reason.

Why? Mostly because I have a ten page story due tomorrow and I've three pages of it.

There's nothing to put you in the mood to write for fun like writing for a purpose. Oh, how divinely artistic am I feeling right now. What, you don't believe me?

Of course you don't, wily reader, of course not.

I've been having incredibly trippy dreams lately. The other night in my sleep I wrote an existential manifesto with the Feditor. I then apologized to him for having been so rotten lately, though I'm not quite sure what I've done. The next night I was seduced by the devil, who was, for some strange reason, a Ken doll and married already to Barbie, who was already there.

There's a scarf outside my window blowing in the wind, and the first time I saw it I thought it was a dying pidgeon.

I have to figure out whether it's appropriate to write short stories that have philosophical content, or whether that's just wanking. I have a feeling that it may indeed be cliché poseur french girl wanking. Oh, look at me! I'm bloody Sartre. Oh, wait. I'm not. Why? Because I'm doomed to be bloody Simone de Beauvoir.

When in the history of the world has a woman ever been on top without having been "a remarkable lady writer," or a "lovely female author?"

Is it too much to ask just to be a writer?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And the Train Was Delayed

Because who doesn't love more ramblings at four in the morning on a train bound for, apparently, nowhere?

I apologize for not getting this out sooner as I have approximately two friends who actually read this blog and they're starting to get a little antsy.

I recently traveled by train from Montreal to Moncton, a trip that took approximately four hours longer than it should have, and this was the result.

It’s morning now, and I’ve just had another sleepless night of travel. I thought it would be easier on a train, but I still faced six hours of desperately changing positions before I found one that didn’t hurt my back. As you can probably guess, my Nyquil was nowhere to be found, most likely spirited away by my mother who, on reading this, will call me to tell me how she threw it out because I shouldn’t be taking it anyway. I paid good money for that acetaminophen/antihistamine blend, Mother, and would have appreciated it last night.

No matter. I can’t be upset. While I haven’t slept, the sun is shining and we’re whipping past snow covered trees which is so pleasantly literary that one can’t bear to be upset. Duke was a good choice for the morning’s music.

When I say whipping past, I of course mean slowly crawling past. Via decided to stop the train several times last night, and now because of the weather we’re inching our way through the snowy hills. I keep seeing Dutch flags everywhere. How I hate the Dutch. They do make good chocolate, though.

If you’re ever slowly winding your way through snowy terrain, I highly recommend the song Caravan. Nothing says travel like a lot of clip clopping and pounding drums.

Something I’ve learned about New Brunswick so far this morning: It’s very boring. Not a very interesting province at all. Unless you go to the ocean. I think I’ll be able to see the ocean in Moncton. I miss the ocean.

Last night I had a delightful seafood dinner and chatted with a nice woman whose name I cannot remember. She was originally from Ontario, but moved to New Brunswick because she loves the pace of it. I smiled and nodded. What she meant is that she’s kind of like an old person. That’s alright, though. We need people like her in the world to relax for the rest of us.

I may go and try to rustle up some food, now.

So, I was feeling a wee bit downtrodden, I suppose because of the lack of sleep and whatnot, but when I went to go get food I discovered the most delightful people.

The first person I met was Jean-Marc, who is a Columbia alum (Class of 2000 and then for his masters, 2002). He didn’t speak English very well, but we had a good long talk. Turns out that he’d lived in Furnald and East Campus, and we talked about Ferris and Lerner and all good Columbia things. He’s working for VIA now because he hated what he was doing in genetics, but apparently they pay $25 an hour and are looking for summer students. Hmmm…

While I was sitting and chatting with Jean Marc, two musicians popped into the lounge and asked if they could play. Though it’s against the rules, no one seemed to mind and so there was some lovely impromptu bluegrass. I left to go pack my things, as we’re now stuck behind a freight train outside of Moncton, and met a nice old lady who, as it turns out, is a bartender at the legion.

Thank God for caffeine, is all I have to say. Perhaps I shall go find those musicians again.

PS. I did find those musicians again. They were cool. You should go see them.