Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer in the City

I'm working at the Columbia Visitor's Center right now, which is at times frustrating but often rather rewarding, especially when I get the starry eyed little young'uns who, though my encouragement, decide that they would like to go to Columbia. I love that. Some of them are little jerks, of course, and I have concluded that I hate eighth graders. They like to ask questions like "Yo, why are the bill-dangs durrty?" and "Yo, who dat guy who gave all that money to the school?"

But of course when they get excited about college, and about sports and learning and reading and all sorts of things they're completely worth it. What's more, all is forgiven when they laugh at my jokes. Really, it's mostly about laughing at the jokes. That's the real way to earn your tour guide's love.

I've recently signed on to be a writer for C-Spot, which is the naughty magazine on campus. The issue will be out at the end of the month and I'm quite excited. I will certainly update you when that happens, and I might even tell you my secret pen name.

I've also been heading out on the town recently with my dear friends who are all writers for Inside New York, which means that I get to check out some awesome venues at discount prices. Restauranteurs are so eager to show us a good time that they will not only comp both food and drink at times but also treat us with the utmost respect, a luxury not often granted to people my age. The other night we went to Nectar Wine Bar which advertizes itself as "the best thing to come out of Harlem's gentrification." Whether or not you agree with the idea of gentrification, this was certainly a great venue which offers three dollar wine samplers which are by no means scanty and give the patron the opportunity to sample several delicious wines. We were fortunate enough to taste a Prinz Von Hessen 2005 Reisling which was absolutely fantastic, among others, like a Trevor Jones Grenache from 2006 which was just lovely. They also served us their fabulous sangria, on special, which tasted like a little bit of heaven. They also featured some lovely meats and cheeses and for dessert some Jaques Torres chocolate which was absolutely to die for.

In my time off from Hamlet, which I am stage managing, I've also recently visited Galapagos in Brooklyn, which was lovely, and 675 in Chelsea Market which was one of the first venues I've visited to feature board and party games in cosy little rooms as well as a large, traditional bar-type setting, making it a great atmosphere for both large groups of friends and action-seeking singles alike.

Summer in the city is shaping up quite nicely.

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